Access 2FA codes

including SMS
for all the services your team needs


Control team access via the web


Manage 2-factor authentication individually and per-person for your team

  • Save your time for productivity

  • Earn the reputation of a highly managed and secure team

  • Choose right options for delegating access rights

  • Build trust within your team and externally

  • Work 24/7 - for teams with flexible schedules

  • Work globally - for geographically dispersed teams

Secure and back up
2FA seeds on decentralized blockchain

Your 2FA code seeds on a secure decentralized blockchain,
so you can easily recover access to necessary services
while safe from cloud storage outages and security breaches.


Store and generate secure 2FA (two-factor authentication) tokens for your online accounts.

Supports Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTP) and shares SMS codes across your team.

Store all keys in the Secure decentralized Blockchain and get access to from every OS system.

Just install the 2FA Authenticator App if you lose or damage your phone or PC to get access to your keys.

Employ one or multiple dedicated phone numbers for shared services with 2FA.

Use QR codes.

annual discount available

Flexible & affordable

Subscriptions Basic Improved Ultimate
Number of team members Up to 3 Up to 15 Up to 150
Secure decentralized Blockchain backup Up to 3 persons Up to 15 persons Up to 150 persons
iOS/Android apps Yes Yes Yes
Control team access via the web No No Yes
Dedicated phone numbers 1 10 50
Monthly subscription price $15
annual discount available
annual discount available
annual discount available


  • Encrypt data to secure your privacy

  • Secure decentralized Blockchain backup for fast restore of access (if you lose or damage device)

  • Synchronization Across all Devices (OS independent)

  • Unlock with Touch/Face ID

  • Two Factor Authentication

  • Use Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTP) and SMS codes 2FA

  • 2FA Seeds Backup

  • Authenticate on multiple devices concurrently

  • Get 2FA codes on-device instead of typing off a phone screen

  • No passwords stored

  • All popular services


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